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A comfortable, powerful, elegant keyboard


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Fleksy Keyboard is a keyboard for Android that combines a powerful, extensive range of features with an elegant design, making it one of the most complete keyboards that you can find on this operating system.

Among the most outstanding features of Fleksy Keyboard are its useful gesture shortcuts. Just by sliding a finger across the screen of your Android, you can do many different actions, such as adding words to the dictionary, adding spaces, deleting letters or words, and undoing any previous action.

There are plenty of ways to customize Fleksy Keyboard beyond changing the color or the size of the keyboard (though you can do this too). Users can change the distribution of the keys, remove the spacebar to save space, or even make the keyboard invisible.

Another very interesting feature of Fleksy Keyboard is its cloud sychronization, which allows it to learn user writer patterns to offer ever-improving recommendations.

Fleksy Keyboard is an excellent keyboard for Android that should provide some stiff competition for the heavyweights in its field, like Android's own Google Keyboard or the classic Swiftkey.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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